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Technical Papers

Central Plains Irrigation Association 2004
  1. Nebraska Water Policy Task Force”; Author: Ann Salomon Bleed.
  2. Pumping Plant Efficiency: How Much Extra are You Paying?”; Author: Thomas W. Dorn.
  3. Current Drought Conditions and Scenarios for this Winter”; Author: Allen Dutcher.
  4. Environmental Quality Incentive Program and Practicing Irrigation Water Management”; Author: Allen Gehring.
  5. Center Pivot Evaluation And Design”; Author: Dale F. Heermann.
  6. Sprinkler Package Water Loss Comparisons”; Author: T.A. Howell.
  7. Availability Of Climate Data For Water Management”; Author: Kenneth G. Hubbard.
  8. Water Savings from Crop Residue in Irrigated Corn”; Author: Norman L. Klocke.
  9. Using CPnozzle For Sprinkler Package Selection”; Author: Bill Kranz.
  10. Corn Production As Related To Sprinkler Irrigation Capacity”; Author: Dr. Freddie Lamm.
  1. Irrigation Management Strategies For Corn To Conserve Water”; Author: Steven R. Melvin et al.
  2. Subsurface Drip Irrigation In Nebraska”; Author: Jose O. Payero.
  3. KanSched an ET-Based Irrigation Scheduling Tool For Kansas Summer Annual Crops”; Author: Gary A. Clark et al.
  4. Key Considerations for a Successful Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) System”; Author: Danny H. Rogers.
  5. Determining Crop Mixes For Limited Irrigation”; Author: Joel P. Schneekloth et al.
  6. Saving Water and Energy - Crop Residue Management”; Author: David P. Shelton.
  7. Improving Center Pivot Performance To Increase Surface Water System Efficiency”; Author: Marcia Trompke.
  8. Tools To Use For Water Management”; Author: C. Dean Yonts et al..
  9. Impact Of Wide Drop Spacing And Sprinkler Height For Corn Production”; Author: C. Dean Yonts et al
Central Plains Irrigation Association 2005


  1. Subsurface Drip Irrigation in Colorado”; Author: Michael E. Bartolo
  2. Advantages and Limitations Of ET-Based Irrigation Scheduling”; Author: Troy A. Bauder
  3. Influence of Nozzle Placement on Corn Grain Yield, Soil Moisture, and Runoff Under Center Pivot Irrigation”; Author: Joel P. Schneekloth et al
  4. Improving Irrigation Efficiency”; Author: Gerald Buchleiter
  5. Comparison Of Spray, Lepa, And Sdi for Cotton and Grain Sorghum un The Texas Panhandle”; Author: Paul D. Colaizzi et al
  6. Drip and Evaporation”; Author: Steven R. Evett.
  7. Estimating Soil Salinity Using Remote Sensing Data”; Author: Luis Garcia et al
  8. Pathways To Effective Applications”; Author: Terry A. Howell et al
  9. Crop Residue and Soil Water Evaporation”; Author: Norman L. Klocke
  10. Using CPnozzle For Sprinkler For Sprinkler Package Selection”; Author: Bill Kranz
  1. Summer Crop Production as Related to Irrigation Capacity”; Author: Dr. Freddie Lamm et al
  2. Irrigation Management Strategies for Corn to Conserve Water”; Author: Steven R. Melvin et al
  3. Crop Residue and Soil Water”; Author: D.C. Nielsen
  4. Key Considerations for a Successful Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) System”; Author: Danny H. Rogers et al
  5. Response Of Irrigated Sunflowers To Water Timing”; Author: Joel P. Schneekloth
  6. Determining Crop Mixes For Limited Irrigation”; Author: Joel P. Schneekloth et al
  7. Water Management for Sugarbeet and Dry Bean”; Author: C. Dean Yonts
  8. Impact of Wide Drop Spacing and Sprinkler Height for Corn Production”; Author: C. Dean Yonts et al
Central Plains Irrigation Association 2006
  1. Irrigation of Oilseed Crops”; Author: Dr. Rob Aiken et al
  2. Where Did All the Irrigators Go? Trends in Irrigation and Demographics in Kansas”; Author: Eric A. Bernard et al
  3. Crop Production Comparison Under Various Irrigation Systems”; Author: P. D. Colaizzi et al
  4. Irrigated Crop Production Economics and Land Lease Arrangements”; Author: Troy J. Dumler
  5. Impact Of Variable Well Yield on Center Pivot Packages”; Author: Dale F. Heermann
  6. Water Losses Associated with Center Pivot Nozzle Packages”; Author: T.A. Howell
  7. Crop Selections and Water Allocations For Limited Irrigation”; Author: N. L. Klocke et al
  8. Salt Thresholds for Liquid Manure Applications Through a Center Pivot”; Author: Bill Kranz
  9. Effect Of Tillage and Irrigation Capacity on Corn Production”; Author: Dr. Freddie Lamm et al
  10. Progress With SDI Research at Kansas State University”; Author: Freddie Lamm
  1. Using the K-State Center Pivot Sprinkler and SDI Economic Comparison Spreadsheet”; Author: Freddie R. Lamm et al
  2. A Review of Mechanized Irrigation Performance for Agricultural Wastewater Reuse Projects”; Author: Jacob L LaRue
  3. Crop Residue and Soil Water”; Author: D.C. Nielsen
  4. PMDI Field Test Results from Sheridan County”; Author: Brian L.S. Olson et al
  5. Irrigation Management with Saline Water”; Author: Dana O. Porter
  6. MIL Evaluation of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems”; Author: Danny H. Rogers et al
  7. Pumping Plant Efficiency, Fuel Options and Costs”; Author: Danny H. Rogers
  8. Criteria For Successful Adoption of SDI Systems”; Author: Danny H. Rogers et al
  9. Land Application of Animal Waste on Irrigated Fields”; Author: Alan Schlegel et al
  1. Influence of Nozzle Placement on Corn Grain Yield, Soil Moisture and Runoff Under Center Pivot Irrigation”; Author: Joel P. Schneekloth et al
  2. Crop Water Use In Limited-Irrigation Environments”; Author: Loyd R. Stone et al
  3. Dry Bean Water Management”; Author: C. Dean Yonts
Central Plains Irrigation Association 2009


  1. "Climate Change Impacts on Crop Growth in the Central High Plains"
  2. "Center Pivot Sprinkler Package Survey Results"
  3. "Update on Northwest Kansas Water Conservation Efforts"
  4. "Compariosn of Grain Sorghum, Soybean and Cotton Production under Spray, LEPA, and SDI"
  5. "2009 Irrigation Cropland Lease Arrangements"
  6. "Water Poliices that Stood the Test of Time: A Matter of Perspective"
  7. "Global Climatic Change Effects on Irrigation Requirements of the Central Plains"
  8. "The Role of Wind Energy in Agriculture: A Cooperative's Point of View"
  9. "Corn and Grain Sorghum Production with Limited Irrigation"
  10. "Crop Selections and Water Allocations for Limited Irrigation"
  1. "Water Savings from Crop Residue Management"
  2. "Montoring Irrigation Water Application with Computerized Controllers"
  3. "Crop Irrigation Macromanagement at the Seasonal Boundaries - Initiating and Terminating the Irrigation Season"
  4. ,"A Look at Twenty Years of SDI Research in Kansas"
  5. "Monsanto Technical Pipeline for Central Plains Conference"
  6. "The Texas High Plains Evapotranspiration (TXHPET) Network"
  7. "Reducing the Cost of Pumping Irrigation Water"
  8. "Center Pivot Sprinkler Application Depth and Soil Water Holding Capacity"
  9. "Keys to Successful Adoption of SDI: Minimizing Problems and Ensuring Longevity"
  10. "Irrigation Scheduling Using KANSCHED for a Range of Weather Conditions"
  1. "Are Other Crops Better than Corn Under Limited Irrigation?"
  2. ,"Irrigation Capacities Impact Upon Limited Irrigation Management and Cropping Systems"
  3. "State Policy on Conserving Ground Water in Kansas"
  4. "Using the K-State Center Pivot Sprinkler and SDI Economic Comparison Spreadsheet"
  5. "Energy Savings using Variable Frequency Drives on Centrifugal Pumping Applications"


Irrigation Association 2003


  1. Catch3D for Evaluating Sprinkler Catch-Can Data
  2. Using an off-the-shelf Center Pivot to Water Corn, Cotton and Soybeans on Mixed Soils Using a Concept of Precision Irrigation 
  3. Water Conservation Management Case Studies From Southwest Golf Courses -- Horticultural and Regulatory Challenges
  4. Economic Analysis of Variable Rate Applications of Irrigation Water in Corn Production 
  5. Long-Term Salinity Buildup on Drip/Micro Irrigated Trees in California
  6. Irrigating Efficiently to Feed the World in 2050
  7. Cotton and Winter Wheat Irrigation Scheduling Improvements in Uzbekistan
  8. A Study of Operating Efficiencies Comparing Aluminum Pipe Systems
  9. Utilization of Controls for Managing Limited Water Supplies
  10. Drip Irrigation in Salt Affected Soil
  1. Affordable Drip Irrigation for Small Farms in Developing Countries
  2. Alfalfa Production Using Subsurface Drip Irrigation  
  3. Canal Velocity Indexing at Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) Irrigation Project in Parker, Arizona using the SonTek Argonaut SL
  4. Changing Watering Restrictions Bylaws to Reflect Advancements in Irrigation Technologies: The City of Calgary as a Case Study
  5. Water Conservation For The Small Farmer In The Philippines 
  6. Micro flood, a new way of applying water
  7. Precision Pivot Irrigation Controls to Optimize Water Application
  8. Integrated  Water Resources Managements On-Farm Level
  9. Controlling Excessive Residential Irrigation -- A Case Study 
  10. Spray Irrigation and Urban Run-Off: The Looming Crisis in Landscape Irrigation 
  1. Tracking spatial and temporal patterns of cotton ET using a normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)
  2. Water Conservation Questions and Definitions from a Hydrologic Perspective
  3. Using Recycled Water  in Commercial and Residential Applications
  4. Precise Irrigation Scheduling Using Soil Moisture Sensors
  5. Cross Cultural Sustainability: Managing our liquid assets
  6. Evaluation of Collector Size for the Measurement of Irrigation Depths
  7. Water Resource Development and Irrigation Management For Sprinkler and Subsurface Drip Irrigation  
  8. Chlorination dose and response for biological effluent used for drip irrigation
  9. Saving Utah Water in the Fifth Year of Drought
  10. Irrigation Strategies For Optimizing Yield and Water Use Efficiency
  1. Future Equipment and Research Needs Gleaned from Farmer Reactions to an Irrigation Water Conservation Education Program in Southwest Nebraska
  2. Water Measurement Options in Low Head Canals and Ditches
  3. Center Pivot Evaluation and Design (CPED) Lite program
  4. Landscape Sizing In Santa Ana Heights -- A Model To Efficiently Size Landscape Area For Any Community
  5. Irrischeduler- a simple device for scheduling irrigations
  6. Soil water regimen of sugarbeet in reduced irrigation
  7. Climate-Based Irrigation Scheduling for Warm Season and Cool Season Turfgrasses 
  8. Wednesday is NOT a Good Reason to Irrigate  
  9. Site-Specific Irrigation of Cotton on the Texas High Plains
  10. Farm-Size Characteristics of Western Irrigated Agriculture: Contributing to Water Conservaton and Small Farm Policy Goals
  1. Detecting canal seepage using electromagnetic induction method
  2. Conservation Strategies for Lawn Irrigation During Drought--A Colorado Experience
  3. City of Tustin and Irvine Ranch Water District Study:Wick irrigation to beautify, save water and meet the run-off regulations
  4. Comparison of Measured ET from Turfgrass Lysimeters to Calculated ET During Drought Conditions
  5. Irvine Ranch Water District™s application of signal paging to ET controllers for medium size commercial landscapes
  6. Development of a Standardized Testing Protocol for Soil Moisture Sensors: Current Status and Preliminary Test Results
  7. Soil Characterization for Fields Irrigated with Recycled Saline Drainage Waters
  8. Effect of Dripline Depth on Field Corn Production in Kansas
  9. Moderately Priced SCADA for Mutual Irrigation Companies
  10. Estimating Cotton Crop Water Use from Multispectral Aerial Imagery
  1. Soil Moisture Sensors and Grower SenseAbililties:  3 Years of Irrigation Scheduling Demonstrations in Kern County
  2. Pressure Control in Land Application of Municipal Wastewater
  3. Water Management Committee Update
  4. A Simulation Model for ET of Applied Water
  5. Pervaporation; Precision Irrigation of Strawberries Using Moderate EC Water Sources
Irrigation Association 2004
  1. Comparison of SDI, LEPA, and spray irrigation performance for cotton in the North Texas High Plains
  2. Blockage in Micro Irrigation Systems – Causes and Cures
  3. Management Model for Land Application of Wastewater
  4. Rain Harvesting for Supplemental Irrigation
  5. A New Method of Characterizing Sprinkler Distribution Patterns
  6. AZSCHED - AriZona Irrigation SCHEDuling System
  7. Comparison of Scaled Canopy Temperatures with Measured Results under Center Pivot Irrigation
  8. Status of Georgia’s Irrigation System Infrastructure
  9. Water Temperature Effects on the Discharge Rate of Collapsible Emitting Hose
  10. Saving Fish & Farmers:A Model for Responding to Environmental Concerns and Endangered Species Criteria by Applying Irrigation Principles and Water Conservation Practices
  1. Irrigation Impact and Trends in Kansas Agricultural
  2. San Antonio Water System’s Agriculture Water Conservation Program
  3. Irrigation Scheduling For Large Water Users 
  4. Using Relative Humidity as a Control Parameter for Programming Supplemental Irrigation
  5. Landscape Size Based On Tax Assessor Recorded Lot Size
  6. A New Model for Basin Wide Water Use Efficiency
  7. Irrigation practices during long-term drought in the Southeast
  8. Soybean, Wheat, and Forage Subsurface Drip Irrigation using Treated Swine Effluent
  9. Low Pressure Drip Irrigation--Concept and Description
  10. Completing the Connection Between Irrigation Districts and On-Farm Irrigation
  1. A Historical Review of Mechanized Irrigation Performance for Wastewater Reuse Projects in Humid Regions
  2. Application and Economics of Linear Irrigation for Precision Agriculture
  3. Reducing Residential Irrigation Water Use in Florida
  4. Spatial and temporal Plant Water Use and Rain Inputs as Affected by Citrus Canopy and Microsprinkler Irrigation System
  5. Irrigation Scheduling Research using Variable-Rate Pivot and Switched-Sprinkler Linear Systems
  6. Estimation Of Reference Evapotranspiration By A Modified Bowen Method
  7. Design of Next Generation Sprinkler Head for Curved Landscapes
  8. Hydraulic and Chemical Properties of Soils Irrigated with Recycled Saline Sodic 
  9. Potential use of a New Forage Grass (Pennisetum Sp.) in Best Management Practices Involving Irrigation with Food Processing and Dairy Wastewaters
  10. Show Me Irrigator, Missouri's Irrigation Scheduling Program
  1. Public Agency Studies of ET Controller Performance
  2. Free, Untapped Water For Irrigation in Humid Regions
  3. Surviving the Worst Drought in 300 Years
  4. Evaluation of a Low Cost Capacitance ECH2O Soil Moisture Sensor for Citrus in a Sandy Soil
  5. Automatic Collection, Radio Transmission, And Use Of Soil Water Data
  6. The Influence of Geometrical Parameter of Dental Flow Passage of Labyrinth
  7. Comparison Of SDI And Simulated Lepa Sprinkler Irrigation For Corn
  8. Irrigation Scheduling for Optimum Plant Water and Nutrient uptake
  9. TheHelper, A User-Friendly Irrigation Scheduling Tool In Florida and Hawaii
  10. Capturing Rainwater for Landscape Irrigation in Georgia
  1. Investing for Profitability: How Water Conserving Irrigation Technology Improves Farm Profitability
  2. Irrigation Requirements of Container-grown Woody Plants
  3. Simple and Inexpensive Lysimeters for Monitoring Reference. and Crop-ET
  4. Modern Electronics for Agriculture
  5. Using Distribution Uniformity to Evaluate the Quality of a Sprinkler System
  6. A Model to Determine Residential Landscape Size Using Total Lot Size
  7. Landscape Species Performance under Irrigation Levels based on Reference Evapotranspiration
  8. Impact of Aerated Subsurface Irrigation Water on the Growth and Yield of Crops.
  9. Consensus Building As A Primary Tool To Resolve Water Supply Conflicts
  10. Concepts of Ground Water Recharge and Well Augmentation in Northeastern Colorado
Irrigation Association 2005


  1. Moderately Priced SCADA Implementation in Northeastern Colorado
  2. Energy Use in Micro-Irrigation
  3. Updating the Arkansas Irrigation Scheduler
  4. Optimizing Water Allocations and Crop Selections for Limited Irrigation
  5. Fertigation with Drip Irrigation for Maximum Availability and Minimum Leaching of Nitrate
  6. Predicting Water Savings with Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers
  7. Improved Irrigation through Technology and Community Engagement
  8. Improved Water Uniformity Will Save Water and Power
  9. EPA Market Enhancement Program Update
  10. Field Performance of Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) in Kansas
  1. Oregon Water Wise Landscape Contractor Certification
  2. Practical and Effective  Water Use Efficiency Measurement and Management Methods for the Australian Cotton Industry
  3. Surfactants and Soil Water Repellency in Golf Course Soils ΠWater Use and Environmental Implications
  4. Site-Specific Water and Nitrogen Management for Potatoes with Center Pivot Irrigation
  5. The Calgary Courts Centre: A Case Study in the Application of Advanced Irrigation Design and LEED® Principals to Optimize Irrigation Water Efficiency
  6. The Use of Low-Cost, Differentially-Corrected GPS for Reporting Field Position of Self-Propelled Irrigation Systems
  7. Reducing Waterhammer Potential in the Delano-Earlimart Irrigation District
  8. Case Study: Subsurface Drip Irrigation in Southeastern Colorado
  9. A Water Purveyor View of Smart Water Application Technology
  10. Advances in Resource Management Using Center Pivots
  1. Field Performance Testing of In-Canopy Center Pivot Nozzle Packages in Kansas
  2. Tapered Lateral Design for Subsurface Drip Irrigation
  3. Managing the Art and Science of Agricultural Irrigation Scheduling
  4. Doppler Flow Instrumentation Upgrades within the Yuma Irrigation District
  5. Research Using Automated Irrigation Systems
  6. Irrigation Scheduling Using the Oklahoma Mesonet
  7. Cotton Production with SDI, LEPA, and Spray Irrigation in a Thermally-Limited Climate
  8. Water Conservation from Precise Irrigation Scheduling Using a Subsurface Electromagnetic Soil Moisture Sensor
  9. Automated Water Management for Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
  10. Survey of Reclaimed Water (Wastewater Use in the Alabama Turf Industry)
  1. Forage Subsurface Drip Irrigation Using Treated Swine Effluent
  2. Water Smart Contractor: A Public-Private Partnership Ensuring Irrigation Efficiency in Southern Nevada
  3. Effect of Irrigation Frequency for Limited Subsurface Drip Irrigation of Corn
  4. Low Pressure Drip Irrigation - Alternative Irrigation System to Flood/Furrow Irrigation in California - Water Savings with No Increase in Energy Useage
  5. Lessons from Successful SCADA and Automation Projects
  6. Rice Evapotranspiration Estimation Using Satelite Data
  7. Development of a Peanut Irrigation Management Decision Aid Using Climate-Based Information
  8. DIPAC - Drip Irrigation Water Distribution Pattern Calculator
  9. Eco Irrigation: A Study on Closed Loop, Ebb And Flow Irrigation for Large Scale Outdoor Production
  10. Using Water Auditing to Assess Irrigation Efficiency: A Comparative Evaluation  of Drip, Sprinkler and Rain-Guns for Potato Production in the UK
  1. Water Conservation Diagrams Illustrate Benefits of Improved Irrigation
  2. Slow the Flow, Save H2O
  3. Instrumentation for Variable-Rate Lateral Irrigation System
  4. Slow the Flow Colorado Sprinkler Audits
  5. AZSCHED V2.0:  Climate-Based Irrigation Scheduling in Arizona
  6. Center Pivot Sprinkler: Instantaneous Application Area, Droplet Size and Soil Infiltration
  7. Evaluation of New Retrofit Technology for Conversion of Sprayheads to Drip Irrigation in Municipal Facilities
  8. Adapting On-Farm Water Supplies for High Value Irrigation Uses
  9. Combined LEPA and MESA Irrigation on a Site-Specific Linear-Move System
  10. Water Retention and Evaporative Properties of Landscape Mulches
  1. Saving Water Is Good for Business
  2. Salinity Mapping of Fields Irrigated with Winery Effluents
  3. Surface Irrigation Management in Alabama Cotton
  4. Evaluation of Phosphorus Fertilizer Type on Plugging of Drip Irrigation Tape
  5. Factors Affecting the Results for Lower Quarter Distribution Uniformity from Catch Can Tests
  6. Optimal Site-Specific Configurations for Wireless In-Field Sensor-Based Irrigation
  7. Case Study of the Government Highline Canal
  8. Siting and Design of Flow Measurement Structures in Cache Valley Irrigation Canals
  9. Vadose Zone Monitoring of Fields Irrigated with Recycled Processing and Municipal Wastewaters
  10. Irrigation Infrastructure Rehabilitation in Alberta; 35 Years of Government/Industry Cooperation
  1. Ultra-Slow Release of Trifluralin from Polymers
  2. How To Design, Implement and Evaluate a Smart Controller System
  3. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis and Verification of Hydraulic Performance in Drip Irrigation Emitters
Irrigation Association 2006
  1. "The effects of subsurface drip and furrow irrigation on the movement of salts and nitrate in the root zone"
  2. "Irrigation Guidelines For Oilseed Crops In The U.S. Central Great Plains"
  3. "Developing Water Management Performance Measures"
  4. "Limited Irrigation Of Four Summer Crops In Western Kansas"
  5. "Water Quest: Saving Water by the Yard"
  6. "Rainwater Harvesting for Landscape Irrigation"
  7. "WaterSense: Every Drop Counts"
  8. "Water Industry/Irrigation Cooperation during Drought"
  9. "Watersaver Contractor Program - - A Win-Win for Industry and Public-Owned Utilities"
  10. "Irrigation of Native Plants vs. Popular Landscape Plants: A Head-to-Head Comparison"
  1. "Remote Monitoring and Control of Irrigation Pumps for Energy, Water, Labor and Cost Savings"
  2. "Low Pressure Systems Reduce Agricultural Inputs"
  3. "Development of a mechanical Archimedean screw"
  4. "Introducing a flow distortion Wetting Front Detector"
  5. "Using A Wetting Front Detector To Manage Drip Irrigation In Strawberry"
  6. "Utilizing Multiple Water Sources for Landscape Irrigation"
  7. "Evaluation of Sensor Based Residential Irrigation Water Application"
  8. "Start-up of a Secondary Water Supply Company and First Phase Design of a Regional System"
  9. "Rain Water Irrigation in Toronto"
  10. "Monitoring and Management of Pecan Orchard Irrigation: A Case Study-Part II"
  1. "Kansas progress in ET based scheduling: Improvements in KanSched"
  2. "Economics of Irrigation Ending Date for Corn"
  3. "Termination of Irrigation on Corn"
  4. "Crop Water and Irrigation Water Requirements of Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) in the Loamy Sands of Kuwait"
  5. "Irrigation Scheduling For Sugarbeets Grown On A Loamy Soil Under Variable Climatic
  6. Conditions"
  7. "Water Utilities: Influencing the Smart Controller Market"
  8. "Weather and Soil Moisture Based Landscape Irrigation Scheduling"
  9. "Advances in Using Center Pivots for Site Specific Management"
  10. "Evaluation of Collector Size for Low Pressure, Fixed-Plate Sprinklers for Center Pivots 1"
  1. "New Mechanized Irrigation Solutions for Small Seed Crops"
  2. "Modernizing Canal Check Structures with BI-Fold Overshot Gates"
  3. "Deficit Irrigation of Alfalfa as a Strategy for “Saving” Water"
  4. "Soil Water Evaporation and Residue Management in Sprinkler Irrigation"
  5. "The Effect of Dropping Water Tables on Center Pivot Performance"
  6. "Using Technology To Develop Integrated Water Resources Management Schemes"
  7. "Determination of the Optimal Date for Sowing of Wheat in Canal Irrigated Areas using FAO CROPWAT Model"
  8. "A New Method of Calculating the Wetted Radius of Sprinklers"
  9. "Sprinkler Irrigation and Soil Moisture Uniformity"
  10. "Spacing and Pattern Effects on DULQ of Spray Nozzles"
  1. "Improving Landscape Irrigation Efficiency with ET Calculations, Aerial Photography, and On- site Evaluations"
  2. "Irrigation Analysis for Water Savings - A New San Antonio City Ordinance"
  3. “Water Checks”- Free Water Audits for Homeowners and Large Public and Private Properties"
  4. "Irriigattiion Runoff from Urban Turf and Landscape"
  5. "Innovative subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) alternatives for on-site wastewater disposal in the Alabama Black Belt"
  6. "Applying Swine Effluent With Sdi And Lepa Sprinkler Irrigation"
  7. "Safe Reuse of Treated Wastewater for Inedible Seed Production"
  8. "Knifing versus Injecting Phosphorus with SDI Systems in Cotton"
  9. "The Use of Multi-sensor Capacitance Probes as a Tool for Drip Irrigation Management in Humid Regions."
  10. "Near-surface soil water and temperature for SDI, LEPA, and spray irrigation"
  1. "Shock Chlorination of Irrigation Wells to Reduce Iron-Related Bacteria and Emitter Clogging"
  2. "Evaluation of a Low–Cost, Low-Tech Micro-Irrigation System Designed for Small Plots"
  3. "Drip Irrigation for Third World Kitchen Gardens"
  4. "Green Industries of Colorado Partners with the Colorado WaterWise Council"
  5. "Socialization of Weather-Based Irrigation Technology"
  6. "Irrigation Industry Reponse To Drought In Several Southwest States"
  7. "Don't be a drip---be a WWIP!"
  8. "Water Conservation Education using Children’s Water Festivals: experiential learning and quality of retention"
  9. "How Water Budgets Can Increase Flexibility for Irrigation Professionals"
  10. "A Formula for Success: Save Water, Increase Business, Advance Industry Professionalism, Achieve Community Goals"


Irrigation Association 2007


  1. "Risk In Income Return From Limited Irrigation Using The Crop Water Allocator"
  2. "Engineering Factors Effecting The Performance Of Locally Manufactured Screen Filters."
  3. "Of Surface Irrigation Systems On Yield And Yield Components Of Autumn Sugar Cane And Tomato Intercropped"
  4. "Technologies For Longer Pump Life"
  5. "Balancing Biosolids, Nutrients, Nitrates And Reclaimed Water – Multi-Tasking On Numerous Levels"
  6. "The Control Of Algae In The Litani River Authority’s Canal "
  7. "Levels Of Design"
  8. "Drip And Furrow On Processing Tomato - Field Performance"
  9. "Irrigation Load Control Credit Rider Dispatch Pilot"
  10. "Using Smart Controllers To Reduce Urban Runoff In The City Of Newport Beach"
  1. "Managing Sprinkler Irrigation Using In Situ Infiltration Data"
  2. "Development Of A Nomograph For Scheduling Irrigation For Flood Irrigated Pecan Orchards"
  3. "Using Saline Groundwater For Large-Scale Development And Irrigation Of Pistachios Interplanted With Cotton"
  4. "Irrigation Scheduling In Cassava Based Forage Intercropping Systems"
  5. "Managing Soil Moisture On Golf Greens Using A Portable Wave Reflectometer"
  6. "Experimental Verification Of A Recursive Method To Calculate Evapotranspiration"
  7. "A Differentially-Irrigated, Xeric Plant Demonstration Garden In Northwestern New Mexico"
  8. "Automating Landscape Sprinkler Control Using Weather Data, Broadcast To Unlimited Properties"
  9. "Integration Of Micro Irrigation Systems With Minor Irrigation Projects – A Case Study"
  10. "California Friendly Landscape Contest"
  1. "Calibration And Evaluation Of An Improved Low-Cost Soil Moisture Sensor"
  2. "Comparison Of Water Application To Turfgrass Utilizing Different Irrigation Equipment Brent Q. Mecham"
  3. "A Study Of Emitter Clogging And Development Of The Mathematical Relationship Between Emitter Clogging And Water Quality"
  4. "Measuring Water Use And Root Distribution Of Drip Irrigated Watermelon In A Humid Climate Using Multi-Sensor Capacitance Probes."
  5. "Water Audits Of Lawn Bowling Greens And Croquet Courts"
  6. "Monitoring Spatial Variability In Soil Properties And Turfgrass Stress: Applications And Protocols"
  7. "Weather And Soil Moisture Based Landscape Irrigation Scheduling Devices"
  8. "Gerand Valley Project"
  9. "Reducing Runoff Losses Or Irrigation Water By Improving Cultural Practices"
  10. "Reduction Of Irrigation Water Consumption In The Colombian Floriculture With The Use Of Tensiometer"
  1. "Smart Irrigation Management During Drought"
  2. "Turfgrass Irrigation Requirements Simulation In Florida"
  3. "Irrigation Analysis For Water Savings - One Year Later"
  4. "Center Pivot Simulator For Evaluating System Design And Management Effects On Infiltration And Erosion"
  5. "Effluent Nitrogen Management For Agricultural Re-Use Applications"
  6. "IRT Wireless Interface For Automatic Irrigation Scheduling Of A Center Pivot System"
  7. "Surface Irrigation Evaluation Based On Analytical Interrelation Among Water Infiltration, Advance, And Recession"
  8. "Weather Based Irrigation At Large Commercial Sites - Portland Water Bureau Pilot Project"
  9. "Upgrading The Flow Measurement System At The Tehama Colusa Canal Authority"
  10. "Turfgrass Irrigation Controlled By Soil Moisture Sensor Systems"
  1. "Decision Support Model For Irrigation And Drainage Management Of Paddy Fields In Uganda"
  2. "New Homeowners In San Antonio, Texas And Outdoor Water Use Habits"
  3. "Evaluating Three Evapotranspiration Mapping Algorithms With Lysimetric Data In The Semi-Arid Texas High Plains"
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