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Chapter 7

Irrigation Water Management


  • The material provided in this section is intended to serve as a framework for irrigation system design training.
  • For a pdf document that contains the introduction, objectives, and suggested outline, click here.
Suggested Objectives

Suggested Objectives

1.List the requirements of a water management plan as it pertains to irrigation, frost protection, and related uses.
2.Analyze resources, design data, and field and system evaluation data and incorporate this data into a water management plan.
3.Present the water management plan and recommendations to the irrigator/landuser in such a manner that they will understand and accept both the plan and the benefits.

Suggested Outline

Suggested Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
    1. Data Gathering
      1. Field and crop data
      2. Soils data
      3. Monthly and peak daily consumptive use
      4. Management allowed soil moisture depletion
      5. Irrigation scheduling method\
      6. Soil moisture monitoring method
      7. Irrigation application amount, timing and rate
    2. Develop procedures and alternative plans
    3. Example worksheets
    4. Document cultural practices
    5. Applicable practice standards
    6. Conclusions and Recommendations
  3. Summary


Basic Water Management Course


  • The purpose of this course is to provide a basic awareness of water management concepts and the impacts of water management decisions in order to provide quality technical assistance.
  • It is intended to enhance the technical knowledge of NRCS personnel and their colleagues in both the private and public sector.
  • The information can be used to assist you in helping landowners effectively plan and implement conservation practices to better manage and conserve our natural resources.

Basic Water Management Course


Lesson Plans
  • Video 018 “Irrigation Management”, Oklahoma State University
  • Video 019 “Irrigation Energy Conservation”, Oklahoma State University (32:12)
  • Video 020 “Micro Irrigation Management”, Richard J. Salty Productions, Burbank, CA (55:03)
  • Video 021 “Introduction to Ground Water Quality Improvements in Irrigated Agriculture”, University of Nebraska (7:37)
  • Video 022 “How Chemicals Move Through Soil”, University of Arizona/NRCS (22:07)
Extension Documents