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Chapter 6

Soil Moisture Measurement


  • The material provided in this section is intended to serve as a framework for soil moisture meaurement training.
  • For a pdf document that contains the introduction, objectives, and suggested outline, click here.
Suggested Objectives

Suggested Objectives

  • Determine appropriate method of soil moisture measurement for given specific site conditions.
  • Specify methods and procedures to obtain accurate measurements.
  • Perform soil measurement using applicable procedures and tools.
Suggested Outline

Suggested Outline

  • “Feel” Method.
  • Tensiometers.
  • Electrical Resistivity.
  • Laboratory (Gravimetric) Method.
  • Neutron Gauge
  • Diaelectric Constant Method. (Time Domain Reflectometry).

Toolbox Material


Note: Note all copies of documents that were contained in the original Irrigation Training Toolbox are available electronically.

If you are unable to find a hard copy of a document in your state, you may be able to borrow a copy from the Water Management Engineer at your regional National technology Support Center



  • Video 016 “Agricultural Irrigation Scheduling - The Irrometer Story”, Irrometer Company (22:19)
  • Video 017 “REFLECTIONS - Soil Moisture Monitoring”, NRCS, NM (9:35)