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Chapter 2

Irrigation System Planning


  • The material provided in this section is intended to serve as a framework for conservation irrigation system planning.
  • For a pdf document that contains the introduction, objectives, and suggested outline, click here.
Suggested Objectives
  1. Plan irrigation systems using processes included in the National Resource Planning Handbook.
Suggested Outline

I. Introduction
II. Body

A. Planning

1. Identify resources of concern.
2. Determine irrigator objectives.
3. Inventory resources.
4. Analyze resource data.
5. Formulate irrigation alternatives.
6. Evaluate alternatives.
7. Document decisions.
8. Water user implements irrigation plan
9. Follow-up.

III. Summary



Note: Note all copies of documents that were contained in the original Irrigation Training Toolbox are available electronically.
If you are unable to find a hard copy of a document in your state, you may be able to borrow a copy from the Water Management Engineer at your regional National technology Support Center

  • Design and Operation of Farm Irrigation Systems, ASABE Monograph (link to ASABE)
  • Drip and Micro-irrigation for Trees, Vines, and Row Crops, ITRC, Cal-Poly
  • Fertigation, ITRC, Cal-Poly
  • Planning for an Irrigation System, AAVIM
  • The Surface Irrigation Manual, Chapter 1, Cal-Poly
  • Video Video 003 Part A “Conservation Irrigation for New Employees”
  • Video Video 003 Part B “Conservation Irrigation for New Employees”
  • Video Video 003 Part C “Conservation Irrigation for New Employees”
  • Video Video 004 “Best Management Practices For Sediment Reduction Within Western Stanislaus County”, NRCS, CA
  • Video Video 005 “No Water - No Future, Key to Effective Water Management”, Irrigation Association.
  • Video Video 010 “Sand Media Filtration for Drip and Micro-irrigation”, ITRC, Cal-Poly
  • Video Video 011 “General Filtration for Drip and Micro-irrigation”, ITRC, Cal-Poly
  • Video Video 006 “LEPA - Saving Water for Future Producers”, Texas Agricultural Extension Service/Texas A&M Universit